FVB Job Description

FVB Umpire Job Description

As an Umpire for youth Baseball and Softball games, your responsibilities would include *but not limited to:

  • Managing personal calendar to ensure no commitment conflicts.  As Independent Contractors, Umpires choose their own schedules to work
  • Obtain IHSA license, which requires background check, passing exam.  FVB will help with exam in our various training classes.
  • Ensure player safety during games, encorouraging sportsmanship
  • Administer the rules, as dictated by the Schools and Organizations
  • Officiate contests objectively.  
  • Attend training sessions sponsored by FVB (Optional benefit, not mandated)
  • Dress professional in umpire attire; clean, wrinkle-free
  • Report scores where required by Org
  • Provide own protective equipment.  FVB has various options to help minimize the costs
  • Game pay varies based on level, length, distance, client, etc, but generally ranges from $70-80 per game.

Join the Fox Valley Blues and help make baseball a great experience for our clients. Both new and experienced umpires enjoy success in FVB's ranks.

If interested in becoming a Fox Valley Blues Umpire, APPLY HERE. If you're unsure if umpiring is for you or you'd like to talk to our assignor, Jeff Collis, call 815-622-8763.